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Wednesday, March 18

Waris Dirie

Waris Dirie (Gallacio, Somalia, 1965) is a Somali model who underwent excision of the clitoris to five years of age. For this reason he became a champion of the fight to eradicate this practice. UN Ambassador (1997-2003), worked to abolish female circumcision. He has written several books about his experiences. There is a foundation under his name. Waris is from Somalia, where he lived with his nomadic family. At age 13 his father tried to marry her to an elderly man in exchange for five camels, which was the method of payment there, but she escaped. From there he lived needs and complications, however, went ahead and came where his uncle, the Somali ambassador in London, who gave him the opportunity to work in your home. After a few years, his uncle left the post of ambassador and left. She chose to live there alone, working in a McDonald's restaurant.


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There are some mistakes. But it doesn't matter. You have done your work and we can understand what you wrote. Good job!


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