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Wednesday, March 18

Somalí Man

She is an authoress of the book the silence of the innocence, I free where it reports his own experience in the area of the sexual exploitation, since it was sold as slave in several occasions and bound to exercise the prostitution until his current husband extracted it, in 1991 it was to France, where Frenchman studied. In 1995 he travelled to his country with a doctors' mission without borders and on the following year it founded the association " Action for women in precarious situation "
Dounia Halioui 2º eso


Anonymous Teacher said...

I got the idea, but you have done an extrange combination with all those words, don't you? I know you're very hardworking and you did a big effort, in spite of the fact you have many problems in English. Keep on trying!

Anonymous Teacher said...

Now it's done! You are very lucky to have a friend like Daniela, aren't you?


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