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Wednesday, March 18


Rigoberta Menchú (1959 -), Guatemalan indigenous leader, Nobel Peace Prize in 1992. Born in Chimel, a village in the municipality of Uspatán. As a child participated in farm work, carrying out their parents in the southern latifundia. Witnessed the murder of his brother 16 years, a victim of the landowners who wanted to rob the Indians of their lands. Her father, Vicente Menchú, was launched to actively raise awareness of its neighbors, which had an impact on Rigoberta, which began to develop their thinking and social. Around age 20 he learned Spanish, which spoke to the Quiche dialects and languages of that family. On January 31, 1980 his father died burned in the Spanish embassy in Guatemala, where he had locked up along with 38 people, mostly farmers, to protest the Indian position during the assault that made the police. Shortly thereafter, Rigoberta also lost his mother, a victim of kidnapping, torture and killings by paramilitary groups. After these bitter experiences, Rigoberta Menchú was exiled to Mexico, and devoted his life to vindicate the rights of indigenous peoples and mestizos


Anonymous Teacher said...

Some information is perhaps irrevelant for the aim of this activity, on the other hand there is much information. You sometimes forgot/mixed up the subject: "She participated", "she witnessed", "she learned".
In any case you've done a very good job.


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