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Wednesday, March 18

Nawal El Sadawi

Nawal El Sadawi Egyptian feminist writer. Nawal El Saadawi was born in 1932 in the village of Kafir Tahla. El Saadawi is a graduate in medicine in 1955 in Cairo. El Saadawi was cesada from his post as Director of Public Health in the Ministry of Health following the publication of Women and Sex, published in 1972, causing the wrath of the political and theological. Also lost their seats in the main editor of a magazine health and Undersecretary General of the Medical Association of Egypt. In 1981, she was arrested and sent to prison along with other intellectuals under the dictatorship of Anwar El Sadat. She was released after the death of Sadat in 1982, and shortly thereafter founded the Arab Women Solidarity Association (AWSA, according to its initials in Spanish), international organization devoted to "remove the veil from the minds" of Arab women. In 1985, the Economic and Social Council of the UN court, but did not win the pleito.bunales, AWSA granted status as an advisory member NGO Arabic. Despite the undeniable success of the partnership, the government closed in 1991 AWSA and diverted its funds to religious women's organizations.


Anonymous Teacher said...

She was "cesada" or "dismissed". Anyway, very good job! Perhaps it would be easier to understand the gist with less information. But I repeat it: Good job!


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