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Monday, January 12

# Barenboim New Year's message.

I admire Daniel Barenboim since long ago, before watching him in Santiago at the "Auditorio de Galicia" (some years ago). I admire him not only as an extraordinary conductor, but also because of his great compromise in working to achieve aims like a word in peace (is it an utopia?).
In New Year's concert he delighted us with quality (of course, Viena Orchestra had something to do with it), he surprised us with a worth mentioning performance and with a lovely message. I wish it could become real some time in the future. Barenboim found a moment to remind us the conflict between Palestine and Israel, he wished for 2009 "human justice for the Near East".
Here you a have an statement you can find in his website:
"Gaza and the New Year: I have just three wishes for the coming year. The first is for the Israeli government to realize once and for all that the Middle Eastern conflict cannot be solved by military means. The second is for Hamas to realize that its interests are not served by violence, and that Israel is here to stay; and the third is for the world to acknowledge the fact that this conflict is unlike any other in history. It is uniquely intricate and sensitive; it is a human conflict between two peoples who are both deeply convinced of their right to live on the same very small piece of land. This is why neither diplomacy nor military action can resolve this conflict.
Palestinian violence torments Israelis and does not serve the Palestinian cause; Israeli retaliation is inhuman, immoral, and does not guarantee security. The destinies of the two peoples are inextricably linked, obliging them to live side by side. They have to decide if they want to make of this a blessing or a curse."
I chose a video: It is a brief report of him and his orchestra: the West-Eastern Divan ("The peace orchestra"). The musicians are Palestinian, Arabian, Israeli and Spanish.
You can find this article and another video at Euterpe (CPI San Vicente music blog).
You can also have a look at the others entries, specifically "Antony & the Johnsons, THE CRYING LIGHT". This entry has much to do with the topic we are working.


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