Cool Citizens

Saturday, November 22


As citizens we have to be able to coexist with other citizens. People with a different culture, different ideals, opinions, believings, from different countries.

We should be able to respect the others, as well as we should be respected by them. It's easier to live together if we respect each other. Sometimes we disrespect others because we are kind of afraid of them, because of their differences, we don't always understand them. But, perhaps it's not necessary to understand, we just have to accept that different people live in the world and we are a small part of them, we all have the same right to live here, in peace. Tolerance is the key. Tolerance and knowledge. If we had enough information about our "next-door neighbours",we wouldn't be so intimidated or threatened by the unknown, would we?

So, that's my proposal: a multicultural treasure hunt. Where? At our Library, of course. Manolo, our mascot, is waiting for us. He will be ready for helping you. You'll have to travel through the web too. Let's start!
Open the link below . Copy the questions and answer them in your notebook.

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