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Friday, November 14


Miriam Makeba, or 'Mama Africa' (as many people knew her) has died at the age of 76th. She collapsed and died at an anti-Mafia concert, in Italy. This South African singer leaves a great legacy behind.
She was considered a Humanitarian Activist. Here you have the beginning of the report you can find at
©FAO/Giulio Napolitano "Mama Afrika" was not only a singer but a humanitarian and an activist. This photographic tribute to her memory records a visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in March 2008, eight months before her death.

The following outline is for you to have some information about her life. These few lines can give you an idea about what she did, about how much she was engaged in the fighting against apartheid.

1932: Born Johannesburg, South Africa 1959: Stars in the jazz opera King Kong and anti-apartheid film Come Back, Africa, met Harry Belafonte 1960: Barred from South Africa 1963: Testifies against apartheid at the United Nations 1966: Becomes the first African woman to win a Grammy award 1968: Marries Black Panther Stokely Carmichael and moves to Guinea 1985: Moves to Brussels after her child Bongi dies in childbirth 1990: Returns to South Africa after personal request from Nelson Mandela 2005: Begins a "farewell tour" of the world that lasts three years 2008: Dies in Caserta, Italy following a concert, aged 76

The video below is a brief résumé.

Now answer the following questions:

1)Who was “Mama Afrika”? 2)When and where was she born? 3)What does she do in 1963? 4)Why did she return to South Africa? 5)When did she visit the Democratic Republic of Congo? 6)Who did she visit when she was there? 7)Which is the name of the inhabitants of DR of Congo? 8)How old was she when she started her singing career? 9)What did her songs talk about? 10) She became the first South African who won the Grammy award. When did she win that grammy award? 11)What kind of accidents or illnesses did she suffer?

You have to look for the answers in the article, in the link ( and also in the video (Miriam Makeba dies).



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